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Point-to-Point Frequency Coordination Pricing

Frequency Engineering Analysis
Frequency Pair Selection
Path Data Sheet Preparation
PCN Generation/Distribution/Defense
FCC Supplemental Showing Preparation
FCC Form 601 main and Schedule I filing
FCC Form 601 Schedule K -- Satisfaction of Construction Requirements filing
Modifications to Existing Paths: $550

New Paths: 5 or more $550
each $600

LASO File no charge

Engineering Services call for hourly rate
Custom Database Searches call for quote

Terms and Conditions:
  • Pricing is per duplex path. A duplex path refers to a pair of frequencies, one for transmit from A to B and the second from B to A.
  • FCC filing fees are not included in the above pricing. Details regarding FCC fees can be found here while their latest fee schedules can be found in the fee filing guides located here. The fees can be paid directly to the FCC on-line here.
  • Additional discounts may be available for new customers, educational institutions and non-profits. Please contact us for details.