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While every effort is made to ensure the information provided in these files is accurate, Black & Associates does not accept liability for any errors in content or presentation.

--This information should not be used in place of proper site and path surveys.--

11GHz paths around Ogden UT

Successful frequency coordination meshes a customer's connectivity requirements with the geographic and infrastructure resources available in the proposed area of operation, while simultaneously protecting the existing RF environment. Black & Associates believes that visualizing these factors in a unified presentation during the link planning process is crucial to ensuring efficient frequency coordination.

To aide in this unified approach to coordination, we encourage parties that are planning a licensed link to request a LASO (License and Application Spectrum Overlay) file from us covering the region and band that they propose to operate within. These files contain information about all the links that are licensed or undergoing the FCC authorization process within the area of interest, including licensee name, callsign or filenumber, endpoint coordinates and location names, frequencies, modulations and EIRP levels.

When opened in Google Earth (available here) or other Keyhole Markup Language (KML) compatible viewer, these overlays can assist with:

  • identifying lightly used sites and/or sites that you may be otherwise unaware of
  • avoiding areas of path congestion that may limit your chances of licensing success
  • fitting your links into the established "hi/lo" regimen at each site, while choosing clean sites that are free of "bucking" frequencies
  • tracking down site owners via information contained within existing callsigns
  • keeping an eye on other licensees in your area
Each link appears as a line connecting path endpoints. When a link is clicked in the display details for that link appear in a pop-up balloon. To give you an idea of the information available, have a look at some of these sample files:

Chicago, IL 18GHzNew York, NY 23GHz
Los Angeles, CA 11GHzPhoenix, AZ 18GHz
Mobile, AL 6GHz (low)Seattle, WA 11GHz

As the licensing situation changes on a daily basis, feel free to email us your center coordinates and band of interest (9xxMHz, 6, 11, 18 or 23GHz) so that we may generate a custom view for you. You can use our contact page for this purpose.

Note: Information provided in the above image and the accompanying sample LASO files is derived from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Universal Licensing System (ULS) on-line license and application databases. Paths released under Prior Coordination Notice but not yet filed with the FCC are not displayed.