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Point-to-Point Microwave Dish Antenna Installation
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Point-to-Point Systems

Point-to-point licensed frequency bands include 940 MHz, 950 MHz, 6 GHz, 11 GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz. These bands are available for private microwave and common carrier communications.




Visualize the FCC licensed links in your area

To aid your understanding of the radio frequency environment surrounding you, Black & Associates developed a KML-based overlay for mapping services such as Google Earth. When opened for viewing, the overlay will show you the links in your area annotated with frequency, polarization, endpoint coordinates, path lengths and emission details. Read more about these LASO (License and Application Spectrum Overlay) files and see some samples here.

As the licensing situation changes on a daily basis, feel free to email us your center coordinates and band of interest (9xxMHz, 6, 11, 18 or 23GHz) so that we may generate a custom LASO file for you. You can use our contact page for this purpose.

Get your Frequency Coordination Started Today

It's easy -- choose your path route, perhaps with the assistance of our free LASO files, and complete as much of our administrative and path datasheets as you can. We will take it from there!

Choose Black & Associates

We have the tools and expertise to meet the challenges of ever increasing congestion in the point-to-point bands.
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