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Multiple Address Systems

Multiple address provides the capability to communicate between a central location and multiple remote locations in a two-way or one-way configuration. Multiple address is heavily used for control and monitoring of distribution networks for electric, natural gas, petroleum and water as well as switches and signals along railroad tracks. Other uses are automatic meter reading by electric, gas and water utilities for fast efficient collection of consumption data. The multiple address authorized frequency bands are:

928.000 MHz to 928.850 MHz/
952.000 MHz to 952.850 MHz
Paired frequencies
932.250 MHz to 932.500 MHz/
941.250 MHz to 941.500 MHz
Paired frequencies
956.250 MHz to 956.450 MHz Unpaired frequencies

The standard channel bandwidth is 12.5 KHz but wider bandwiths are possible. With some limitations, fixed and mobile systems are permitted. Licenses are granted on a site-by-site basis and are ensured a clear non-interference operating frequency.




Choose Black & Associates

We specialize in identification of mobile frequencies in congested areas through short spaced agreements and/or system location optimization, and in mobile systems adjacent to the US/Canada border.
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