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Multiple Address System Licensing Services -- FCC Form 601
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FCC Multiple Address Licensing


Black & Associates can provide a full liaison with the Federal Communications Commission to complete the licensing of your system. Once the frequency coordination is complete, filing an application requires a number of documents that we can generate for you:
  • FCC form 601 main application with schedule I
  • FCC Supplemental Showing
  • FCC form 601 schedule K (once master station construction is complete)
In addition to these documents, some applications may require additional exhibits or filings, all of which we can assist you with:
  • Obtaining an FCC Registration Number (FRN)
  • Short spaced agreements
  • Statement of use
  • Modification statement
  • FCC support documentation
  • Private Internal Use Certification
  • Radio Service Code Eligibility
  • Submitting FCC payments via form 159 or online
  • FAA/FCC Antenna Structure Registrations
  • Waiver requests

License Renewals

License renewals are required every 10 years. Barring any changes to the license, license renewal is a relatively straight forward task that can be performed on-line with the FCC, and often doesn't require the assistance of a frequency coordinator. The process is described here. Renewals that include modifications may require one or more of the exhibits mentioned above. We can assist you with these tasks whether we performed the original frequency coordination or not.