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  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Long-haul microwave
  • Mobile Network backhaul
  • Rural backhaul
  • Video backhaul
  • Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) backhaul networks

Multiple Address

  • Point-to-Multipoint communications
  • Automatic meter reading systems
Black & Associates are pioneers in the Frequency Coordination industry, having provided Microwave Frequency Coordination and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Licensing Services for over 25 years. Our coordinations are performed exclusively by degreed engineers with years of experience in satellite communications, terrestrial microwave, cellular communications and communications equipment design and development in both the hardware and software/firmware disciplines.

We offer FCC Part 101 frequency coordination for Point-to-Point and Multiple Address communications systems for a wide variety of common carrier, private microwave and local government applications.

Engineering Design

Every frequency coordination project that we accept is reviewed for technical foundation, both in terms of potential path performance and licensing feasibility. Incomplete specifications are enhanced through consultation with the customer, network topology is reviewed for suitability and sites are checked for FAA clearance. If a path cannot be coordinated per the initial specifications we recommend path parameter or equipment changes to achieve a workable solution.

If you are still in the early stages of your project, not yet ready for frequency coordination, perhaps one of our free LASO licensed-band path visualization files would assist in your planning. Or, if your organization is "engineering-lite", tell us what you are looking to do and we will take it from there!

Frequency Coordination

Black & Associates' microwave frequency coordination services include frequency interference analysis and frequency selection for point-to-point and multiple address communications systems.

Our dynamic frequency coordination platform has been developed entirely in-house to integrate all phases of the coordination process. The core capabilities of path propagation and interference analysis are based upon FCC, TIA/EIA, ITU, NBS, NSMA and ESSA standards, among others. Additional capabilities include full FCC synchronization of license and application databases, terrain analysis, PCN management, integrated documentation generation, and path protection.

Whether your project demands adaptive modulation, XPIC, 2+0, passive reflectors, diversity or you just need a basic link, our platform and team are ready to help.

FCC Licensing

Let us prepare all of the documentation required for a streamlined application process.

Contact Black & Associates

Contact Black & Associates for your next project and try our Microwave Coordination Services. Our experienced engineering staff can assist with all aspects of your wireless infrastructure project, from design through licensing. Try our full suite of services, or pick and choose the elements you need assistance with.
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